3CX CRM: Zimbra contacts lookup

Started as an exercise to study NodeJS and the Fastify framework, I’ve developed a middleware API to perform a search into a Zimbra account’s contacts from 3CX Phone.

The program is very simple: given a phone number it executes a search in a Zimbra account.

The project is available on Gitlab with installation and configuration instructions.

It’s still pretty raw:

  • it has no authentication (so very insecure)
  • it uses username/password auth against Zimbra, much better would be to use a token
  • search is performed only on specified addressbooks (IDs)

But what I still don’t like very much is that I store numbers in a readable format (like +39 341 342312) but Zimbra is quite strict on search, so looking for the number as it comes from 3CX (for the example would be 341342312) will not match any result.
The obvious solution is to store numbers without any fancy layout. Otherwise, figure out some typical pattern to perform search.

Suggestions and improvement are welcome.

Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash

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