Autostart Kodi on Raspbian 9.4 desktop on boot (2018 edition)

I’ve installed a brand new RaspberriPi3 with Raspbian, based on Debian 9.4 Stretch.

At first I tried LiberELEC, but I didn’t find myself comfortable with not having full ssh freedom. Some commands were missing, and some packages the same.

So I turned back and installed Raspbian 9.4 Stretch, also to be  able to remotely  access the mediacenter via VNC and other stuff.

Since I didn’t mean to have keyboard and mouse connected to the Raspberry I wanted to have Kodi started at boot. I found some (not so) old posts about a kodi.service systemctl daemon but it doesn’t exist anymore (at least I didn’t find it in packages).

So I tried the default desktop way, ~/config/autostart, and it  worked! So all you have to do is to launch a  terminal and type those two commands:

mkdir -p ~/.config/autostart

ln -s /usr/share/applications/kodi.desktop ~/.config/autostart/

and that’s all! Next time you will boot your Raspberry, Kodi will start as soon as the desktop is loaded!

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