Configure PHPMyFAQ for Zimbra LDAP auth

PHPMyFaq is an excellent open source PHP based FAQ software. It helps you or your organization, like our, to keep good documentation, shared, and accessible everywhere.
It provides several functionalities, but the one we use the most is keeping articles and making search very fast and easy.

As every web based software has its own users db, but can also authenticate against an external LDAP directory, like Zimbra.

Configuration is very quick. First edit config/constants_ldap.php:

$PMF_LDAP['ldap_mapping'] = array (
'name'     => 'cn',
'username' => 'uid',
'mail'     => 'mail');
$PMF_LDAP['ldap_use_domain_prefix'] = false;
$PMF_LDAP["ldap_options"] = array (
LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS        => 0 );
Then create config/ldap.php (change the values according to your install):
$PMF_LDAP["ldap_server"] = 'MYZIMBRASERVER';
$PMF_LDAP["ldap_port"] = '389';
$PMF_LDAP["ldap_user"] = 'uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra';
$PMF_LDAP["ldap_password"] = 'ZIMBRALDAPPWD';
$PMF_LDAP["ldap_base"] = 'ou=people,dc=MYDOMAIN,dc=IT';
Finally, login as admin to your PHPMyFaq install and go to Configuration > Main configuration, and enable “LDAP support”.
You’re done, now login to PMF using Zimbra login!

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