Signal App: not getting real time notifications on Xiaomi/MIUI

Every now and then I run into articles, like this, which explain why is better to avoid personal data collectors like social networks and their subsidiaries. In this case, WhatsApp (and Telegram).

So what? There’s the very nice and secure and less privacy invasive Signal app! It still doesn’t have all the features its competitors have, but it’s still fully functional for messaging, and it’s certainly worth a try.

But while testing it to message with my girlfriend I noticed an unfortunate issue: quite often messages would not be notified to the recipient, even if correctly delivered. This was the case on my Xiaomi Mi5 powered by MIUI.

A quick web search landed to a bugreport on GitHub which explains the problem: in short, to save battery Android doesn’t allow all applications to run in background, and this precludes Signal from receiving real time notifications.

To fix this behavior you have to to in Settings > Sound & notification > App notifications > Signal > enable Priority.

In my MIUI powered Xiaomi, I had to go in Settings > Permissions > Autostart and enable Signal there.

More information on the issue on or


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