Testing rspamd – spam is welcome!

Thanks to Phoenix at Zimbra Forums I’ve come accross rspamd, a possible replacement of the historical SpamAssassin.

They claim to be faster, less CPU hungry and have plenty of embedded features. It can even do DKIM singing without using additional software. Scripting and customization is made easy by LUA scripts. It even comes with a web interface, and compared to the others misses nothing.

So in the effort to test the efficiency (and configuration) of rspamd, I’m publishing here a new email address – how long will it take to get some spam in it?

Spammer, you’re welcome to send some test emails to


(I’ve even linked it with a mailto: , to make it easier).

2 pensieri su “Testing rspamd – spam is welcome!

  1. Hello Lorenzo,
    how do you manage the moving of mail spam to the junk folder?
    I have this issue when rspamd mark ***SPAM*** I’m not able to move in junk.

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