Upgrade to Zimbra 7 and posix extensions

Time ago we switched from Zimbra 6 to Zimbra 7. We run Zimbra with posix and samba extensions, per this wiki page. Just today, upgrading from 7.1.4 to 7.2, I noticed the creation of the virus quarantine account always failed, and our sistem didn’t have that!

This because with posix modifications to LDAP, the traditional zmprov ca won’t work.

Solution wasn’t really hard… From the upgrade log (/tmp/zmsetup.log) I found out the name the installer did want for the quarantine account, then found in /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmsetup.pl line ~5865 the account creation command, which I reissued adding the needed samba and posix parameters:

amavisBypassSpamChecks TRUE
zimbraAttachmentsIndexingEnabled FALSE
zimbraIsSystemResource TRUE
zimbraHideInGal TRUE
zimbraMailMessageLifetime 7d
zimbraMailQuota 0
description ‘System account for Anti-virus quarantine.’
uidNumber FREEUID
homeDirectory /bin/false
loginShell /bin/false


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