VMware vCenter web console: unable to type special characters

Rather old story but as of today still struggling to make it work.

The official VMware solution is to install VMware remote console (KB2071245), but the link takes to a This download is no longer available page. How bad!

To recap, when connected to the vSphere Web Console you’re unable to type some special characters, including:

  • – (dash)
  • / (slash)
  • _ (underscore)
  • & (ampersand)
  • $ (dollar sign)
  • @ (at symbol)

This seems to happen only for non english keyboards.

In my case, for the Italian keyboard, some characters can be found misplaced. For example the forward slash (/) can be found with Shift+6. The question sign (?) is actually the underscore (_) char.
But I was unable to find the dash (-) symbol, essential for running fsck on a system stuck at initramfs!

In the past I managed to use the aforementioned VMware remote console, but when trying again today the software wasn’t having effect, as the console kept showing up in Chrome instead of the custom window.

After digging around the interwebz I managed to find an easier solution: as said before this only happens only for non english keybards.

So after setting the layout of my keyboard to en-US I was able to type all the characters I wish (given that I know where they’re placed on the US keyboard)!
So easy, just to know…

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