VMWare vCenter6: blank page after login

As always in IT you have to deal with weird things daily.

We deployed VMware to a customer several months ago, and while in the need to perform some administration tasks we found out the vcenter6 web console wasn’t loading anymore. To be precise, after login we were redirected to a blank page. The same behavior was replicable on Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. en plein!

Luckily the console was working on a box: a Windows 10 with Google Chrome 59.

We tried upgrading the VMware console to the latest version, but even after the update the problem was still occuring.

So we started comparing Chrome settings, and we found the culprit: flash was enabled on the working machine.

After forcing flash enabled it started working also on other computers.

Side note: even if working, we’re still facing this error about failed theme loading:

Weird note 2: even if compulsory enabled, Chrome shows a warning that Flash has been blocked on this page.


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