Let’s celebrate the new wordpress install with the post of the first picture uploaded to Gigapan.

Gigapan is a site hosting huge pictures, usually a combination of several (hundreds) photos taken with modern digital cameras, stitched togheter to mage a big one. It also allows you to browse the image, zoom in and out to see the most little detail. This particular image isn’t the most interesting gigapan, because it’s always curious to look for for people or other curious things.

On a side note those panoramas are displayed on Google Earth also.

The site offers hardware and software tools to create those images. I personally use a little bit of care and Hugin svn, on Ubuntu Linux. It’s wonderful, and very easy to use. The assistant helps you in building your pano easily.

Given this, I had a little trouble stitching this particular picture. It’s composed of ~126 images taken with a Canon EOS 400D, and a Canon 70-200 f/4 lens, at maximum focal length.

Well, when Hugin calls  Autopano, a tool to analyze source images, it was failing because was trying to pass a lot of parameters to the command. So, in Hugin options, I modified Autopano‘s command options this way:

--maxmatches %p %o %s

and the pano was built in a shot (well, several hours aren’t really a shot).

My second pano is more interesting, but was done with a wider lense so the quality is much worse…

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