Samba-Vscan on Debian Lenny with Samba 3.2.5

samba-vscan is quite an old project, part of the OpenAntivirus Project, used to have Samba perform a virus check on files accessed by the clients. Unfortunately, this software is not mantained anymore, and while Samba is obviously progressing, making it compile is not an easy task.

The instructions found at OpenAntivirus’ SourceForge bug tracker aren’t applying anymore, since the patches provided by  OpenSUSE on the FTP,  have probably been merged into sources, so are not in place anymore. After some digging, I found them on a Slackware community site.

But before they disappear, and before I get tired every time to decompress and apply every single patch, I made a single one file which can be applied straight. Here it is:


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