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8 marzo 2013 / / sito


Dopo esser scappato da TopHost ho deciso di provare Netsons. E se leggete questo post significa che il sito è stato trasferito, perché lo sto scrivendo direttamente sul nuovo hosting.

Una delle cose che mi sono piaciute di Netsons è che in meno di cinque minuti dal pagamento del servizio hai l’accesso al pannello completo dei servizi, ed è una comodità non indifferente durante un trasferimento di dominio!

8 marzo 2013 / / sito

TopHost: divieto di hostingDopo essere stato ospitato dal 2005 presso TopHost, ho deciso in questi giorni di andarmene, anzi scappare letteralmente, da quello che sicuramente è uno degli hosting più economici ma anche meno affidabili!

Sebbene in passato non abbia mai avuto grossi problemi, e sia riuscito a scampare alla cancellazione del sito quando gli è partito uno dei nodi, negli ultimi due mesi ho avuto a che fare più di una volta con il supporto e devo dire che ho trovato le risposte indecenti!

23 novembre 2012 / / linux

We recently purchased a brand new IBM x3650 server for one of our customers. Installing Ubuntu 12.04 was painless, while trying to deploy Lucid on it was not so smooth.

This mainly because both the ethernet ports and the raid controller were not found by the standard kernel found in install ISO. 

17 novembre 2012 / / people


14 giugno 2012 / / linux

Time ago we switched from Zimbra 6 to Zimbra 7. We run Zimbra with posix and samba extensions, per this wiki page. Just today, upgrading from 7.1.4 to 7.2, I noticed the creation of the virus quarantine account always failed, and our sistem didn’t have that!

This because with posix modifications to LDAP, the traditional zmprov ca won’t work.

4 giugno 2011 / / linux

Ok, I reinstall my system at every Ubuntu release, I should have known this… But I like adventure! Once more, I happily boot my brand new install, fire up mplayer to listen to my favourite radio and… Damn, no sound comes out from the speakers!

13 aprile 2011 / / linux

Last week I (unluckily) had to restore a Zimbra from a backup I took with the zmback.sh script.

While the procedure is pretty simple, there’s no clear statement on how to do it, also because support is given only on the forum post which is pretty long and not easy to scan. Given that typically when you are restoring customers and users are pressing you like hell, having easy restore steps saves you some sweating.

Just for the record, zmbak.sh provides a full backup of a Zimbra installation. This means you can restore the full installation, and not like in Network Edition a single mailbox!

4 marzo 2011 / / linux
16 novembre 2010 / / linux

Last version of Zimbra collaboration, version 6.0.6, had been subject to several delays, which lead to a gap of nearly three weeks since the first proposed release date. These dates are considered target, thus flexible. Normally, I wouldn’t get crazy about release dates. Yes, while you may wish to get your hands on, because it fixes the most annoying but you ever had, you can wait some more days anyway.

But 6.0.6 had several fixes I really needed at some place. And after the second delay, I decided to try to compile Zimbra from source. Brave you think? Me too…

13 novembre 2010 / / linux

In some configurations it’s desirable to share apache2 and Zimbra on the same host. This would mean that either one of the two services shuold run on non-standard port, that is 80 and 443. If this is not an issue,

  • change the ports apache2 is listening to in /etc/apache2/ports.conf
  • change the portz zimbra is listening to using zmprov (zmprov gs zimbraserver zimbraMailPort 81)

But thanks to apache2‘s mod_proxy, you can have both services on the standard web ports.