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3 ottobre 2010 / / linux

On a recent install, I had together on the same web server the Zabbix monitoring tool and PhpMyAdmin. It turns out that the first needs mbstring.func_overload set, while it annoys the second! Well, not a big deal, we have multiple configuration overrides for PHP values, don’t we?

Obviously yes, but there’s a common mistake about this particular (and others).

22 settembre 2010 / / linux
7 giugno 2010 / / zimbra

So, here I am again, after some time.

Today we’ll talk about Zimlets, as we released our first one. Well, it was an Admin extension, to be precise.

Here at YetOpen we believe a lot in Zimbra, the wonderful open source collaboration suite. And all the efforts we spend in studying, helping and distributing it are here to prove it. One more step forward was moved today, with the release of an extension for the admin interface, used to integrate mail accounts with the powerful mail backup solution hosted by Promo, a local service provider.

15 aprile 2010 / / linux
14 aprile 2010 / / linux
12 aprile 2010 / / linux
10 aprile 2010 / / Photo

Let’s celebrate the new wordpress install with the post of the first picture uploaded to Gigapan.

Gigapan is a site hosting huge pictures, usually a combination of several (hundreds) photos taken with modern digital cameras, stitched togheter to mage a big one. It also allows you to browse the image, zoom in and out to see the most little detail. This particular image isn’t the most interesting gigapan, because it’s always curious to look for for people or other curious things.