What does it take to build /e/ (or Android in general)?

Lately I’ve been taking privacy much more seriously than before. I no more think that I have nothing to hide, so every damn company can collect, analyze and sell every single thing I do online and offline in my private life.

I try to use Google a little less, I don’t use Facebook anymore and keep its cookies away with Privacy Badger and other similar extension, but I keep in my pocket every single moment (nearly) an Android phone, with Google (which I love) tentacles all over it.

So what to do with it? Throw it away like in the picture? Go back to the good ol’ Nokia 3310 and play Nibbles? Or try to find a an alternative, maybe with some tradeoff on some services?

Being always very curious and often greedy of new stuff I kept my ears wide open, and finally a voice came. It was from eelo, now /e/ foundation: your data is your data. Let’s build a mobile operating system unbound from great advertising companies which doesn’t track everything you do.

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