Zimbra CVE-2019-9670 being actively exploited: how to clean the “zmcat” infection

Some days ago Zimbra posted about a security vulnerability affecting all their versions. It’s a very severe bug because it’s exploitable on the http/https ports, which means you have no other means to keep you safe but by patching your installation! Zimbra released patches for 8.8.11P3, 8.7.11P10 and 8.6.0P13 versions. Technical details on the bug are here.

Of course everyone has its own matters, and it’s not always easy to schedule a downtime, but patch installation is very quick and almost risk free (at least for the ones I did so far), so patch ASAP!

The last call is very important, because in the last days an exploit has been found actively targeting and pwning unpatched Zimbra installations!

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