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18 luglio 2017 / / english

As always in IT you have to deal with weird things daily.

We deployed VMware to a customer several months ago, and while in the need to perform some administration tasks we found out the vcenter6 web console wasn’t loading anymore. To be precise, after login we were redirected to a blank page. The same behavior was replicable on Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. en plein!

Luckily the console was working on a box: a Windows 10 with Google Chrome 59.

7 luglio 2017 / / english
16 giugno 2017 / / english

We recently got in charge of an existing Zimbra installation, and the IT guy told me that users couldn’t change their password.

At first I thought there was external authentication enabled against their AD/LDAP directory, but checking in the domain settings the auth was internal.

Then by digging into Zimbra configuration attrs list, and searching first for password, on the second page I find an intriguing parameter:

14 giugno 2017 / / english

We mainly use KVM as virtualization hypervisor, but sometimes we have XenServer installations. Often in these situation we deploy a firewall as a Virtual Machine, but sadly pfSense, or better FreeBSD in general, has networking problems in virtualization environments.

The typical situation when pfSense is installed is that:

  • networking is fine on the hosts of the LAN. The VMs work fine in the LAN;
  • the hosts on the LAN can access internet without problems;
  • XenServer host and other virtual machines can ping outside, but almost all TCP connections doesn’t work, inbound or outbound.

To solve such problems with KVM it’s enough to Disable hardware checksum offload in pfSense’s advanced network preferences. But this doesn’t apply to XenServer.

6 giugno 2017 / / english
1 giugno 2017 / / english

I recently ran into a nasty issue: when accessing a MSSql database from Linux with PHP and through FreeTDS I had some characters displayed wrong, like ° or similar. Everything was working fine, queries were ok, but for example in Adminer i saw weird characters in replacement of the good ones. After tweaking a bit with FreeTDS config I also had other errors, like

Unicode data in a Unicode-only collation or ntext data cannot be sent to clients using DB-Library (such as ISQL) or ODBC version 3.7 or earlier

when displaying table structure.

28 maggio 2017 / / italiano

Questo articolo è una libera traduzione dell’articolo del 2015 (aggiornato nel 2017) di Salim Virani dal titolo Get your loved ones off Facebook. L’articolo originale è molto dettagliato, cercherò di tradurlo nel modo migliore possibile ma abbiate pazienza se c’è qualche refuso perché non è il mio lavoro. Potete comunque segnalarmi eventuali errori e sarò felice di correggerli.

Ho voluto fare questa traduzione perché mi ricordo agli albori italiani di Facebook che un mio contatto aveva notato come la diffusione del social network nel nostro paese avesse (ovviamente) ricevuto un’impennata dopo l’introduzione della lingua italiana. Traducendo questo testo in Italiano spero che possa rendere più gente consapevole di cosa significa utilizzare questo strumento. È a tratti un po’ ridondante e molto allarmante, ma credo possa dare una chiara visione di quello che Facebook conosce di noi e come lo usa (o potrebbe usarlo).

La lettura richiede circa venti minuti. Prendetevi il tempo, probabilmente ne vale la pena.

Ho scritto queste righe per i miei amici e per la mia famiglia, per spiegare loro perché gli ultimi aggiornamenti dei termini della privacy di Facebook sono realmente dannosi. Spero possa aiutare altri. Referenze esterne – e passaggi per una cancellazione corretta – in fondo.

3 maggio 2017 / / english

Today, while having a look at a Zimbra server running z-push for ActiveSync, I found these errors in log:

03/05/2017 03:18:36 [ 2372] [ERROR] [info] Zimbra->SoapRequest(): SOAP FAULT: Error Code Returned [mail.TOO_MANY_CONTACTS]
03/05/2017 03:18:36 [ 2372] [ERROR] [info] Zimbra->SoapRequest(): SOAP FAULT: Error Code Returned [mail.TOO_MANY_CONTACTS]

Z-Push was kind of spamming this message many times a minute in z-push-error.log.

The answer is pretty easy: by default Zimbra allows at most 10000 contacts per mailbox.

13 aprile 2017 / / english

The same solution done for Joomla some times ago can be applied to WordPress as well. WordPress plugins (almost) never require direct access to PHP files, so you can prevent their access. Usually crackers put malicious PHP files into wp-content or wp-includes directory: you shouldn’t run them.

A friend of mine has a WordPress website who has been targeted for SEO spam. So I’ve done some searches and cooked up an htaccess addition for him. After the RewriteBase statement add the following:

9 marzo 2017 / / android

Every now and then I run into articles, like this, which explain why is better to avoid personal data collectors like social networks and their subsidiaries. In this case, WhatsApp (and Telegram).

So what? There’s the very nice and secure and less privacy invasive Signal app! It still doesn’t have all the features its competitors have, but it’s still fully functional for messaging, and it’s certainly worth a try.

But while testing it to message with my girlfriend I noticed an unfortunate issue: quite often messages would not be notified to the recipient, even if correctly delivered. This was the case on my Xiaomi Mi5 powered by MIUI.