UniFi controller on Linux: using non standard ports

UniFi controller by default uses these ports:

  • unifi.shutdown.port=8081   # for management purpose
  • unifi.http.port=8080           # device inform
  • unifi.https.port=8443         # controller UI / API
  • portal.http.port=8880        # portal redirect port for HTTP
  • portal.https.port=8843      # portal redirect port for HTTPs
  • unifi.db.port=27117          # local-bound port for DB server
  • unifi.stun.port=3478         # UDP port used for STUN

If you have one of these ports already taken UniFi won’t start, you won’t see an error in /var/log/unifi/server.log and during installation it will remain stuck in starting.

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